What are the safety guidelines for dynamic cycling?

Source: Zhejiang Hongyuan Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.Release time: 2020-08-16

Dynamic cycling is not difficult, but certain rules should be followed, and these guidelines below apply to all exercisers.

● Consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program, as health conditions, past injuries, certain medications, and a number of other factors can affect your ability to safely engage in a new exercise program prior to this time, as can SPINNING.

● Before you begin your dynamic cycling practice, first learn how to brake the pedals in the event of an emergency.

● Make sure the bike is structurally soundly installed so that it feels comfortable and natural to ride in an exercise class. Specific considerations are.

1) Seat height: Sit on the seat with your knees slightly bent when pedaling to the lowest position.

(2) The height of the handlebar: the handlebar can be adjusted a little higher at the beginning, with the increasing proficiency, the handlebar can be gradually lowered. Both elbows should be slightly bent, and the distance between the arms and handlebars should be comfortable.

When you start riding, the speed should be easy to feel, and you can gradually speed up the rhythm of pedaling as your proficiency level increases.

If you feel dizzy during practice, stop pedaling slowly and tell your coach immediately so that you can get timely treatment.