Notes on Exercise

Source: Zhejiang Hongyuan Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.Release time: 2020-08-16

1. correctly judge their own exercise ability, choose the right way to exercise

Each person due to the body physique, organism characteristics of the difference, the ability to exercise also varies. Before exercise to accurately understand their ability to exercise, choose the right way to exercise, do not force, choose and their body ability is not equal to the sports, easy to cause physical strain and injury.

In addition, the human body in bad mood, fatigue, the body is often in a state of discomfort, do not carry out large-intensity exercise, to choose a smaller exercise load, suitable for their own exercise, and thus promote their own sense of pleasure in sports.

2. Choose the right time and place to exercise, to improve the sense of exercise pleasure

Hot summer days, like the hot sun, high temperature, to choose the right time to exercise, such as 6-7 am, 6-8 pm, this time is cooler, free from the sun's baking, morning exercise to give people a refreshing, let people keep a day of pleasure, in addition to exercise in the evening, half an hour of exercise at dinner, not only can promote digestion, but also help eliminate a day of fatigue, promote metabolism, and Improve the quality of sleep. If you have your own favorite time of day, make sure to prevent heat stroke and choose a shaded place, such as a park, a place with shade, etc.

In addition, people with conditions, according to their own time to choose the gym, swimming pool, badminton and other places to exercise, but no matter where and when to choose to exercise, please pay attention to their own physical condition, such as discomfort, please stop in time to actively rest, do not force themselves.

3. Arrange warm-up and relaxation exercises to reduce sports injuries

Usually seen everywhere in the park, the square in the middle-aged sports crowd, they are the lack of sports knowledge of the group, before the exercise few people will be warmed up before the exercise, after the exercise muscle relaxation, such exercise will cause greater damage to the body. Despite the high summer temperatures, a short, less intense warm-up exercise is necessary to move all the joints of the body to promote the body into working condition.

The role of warm-up exercises should not be underestimated, it can not only reduce muscle viscosity, increase the flexibility of the joints, improve muscle pulling ability and improve cardiorespiratory function. However, warm-up exercises should not be too much exercise, so as not to fatigue the body and affect the main part of the exercise later. After the main part, relaxation exercises are necessary to help the body gradually recover from the high-intensity exercise state to a quiet state, eliminate muscle soreness and swelling, blood pressure, heart rate back to normal levels, and promote the recovery of body functions.

Usually in sports, relaxation exercises often use static stretching, meditation and other ways to relax and recover, to create good conditions for the next exercise.

4. Develop a good exercise to forge a happy life

Most people have a bad habit, after exercise, physical fatigue, like to immediately sit down to rest, which will make the lower extremity blood reflux is blocked, blood circulation is affected, serious will lead to gravitational shock. It can be seen that immediately after exercise squatting and resting, the organism is very harmful, which requires us after exercise, it is necessary to regulate the breathing rhythm, do some slow exercise, such as: jogging, slowly walk a few steps, rub the shoulders, legs, and then deep breathing several times, the organism level to normal.

After strenuous exercise, the body is seriously dehydrated, to properly replenish water, can not be a quick, one-time drink too much water, increasing the pressure on the stomach, which leads to increased heart load, causing harm to the body, of which, the correct way to drink water is to drink a little first, a small sip and a half cup, must not gulp, drink a little warm a little boiled water, after which you can also drink a little honey water, do not be for the sake of a quick Drink ice drinks, so that the body has a greater stimulation, gastrointestinal discomfort, it is recommended to use the "many times less drink" way to drink water.

In addition, some people also have bad exercise habits, after exercise, the body burns, the temperature is high, for the sake of a moment, immediately blowing air conditioning or electric fans, will take away enough heat from the body, the temperature drops too quickly, resulting in capillary constriction, immunity, will cause colds and other diseases, after strenuous exercise, do not immediately use cold water bath, cold water on the body temperature stimulation, easy to cause cramps The stimulation of cold water on the body temperature, easy to cause cramps, spasms and other symptoms. Therefore, after exercise, it is recommended that the sweat will be dried with a towel, and when there is no sweat and the body temperature drops to a normal level will be more appropriate to shower.