Enterprise purpose:to establish a sports industry brand

Enterprise mission:to serve the people to deliver"faster,better"service value

Corporate motto:Focus on one thing,connect supply and demand,and achieve a win-win situation

Entrepreneurial spirit:Integrity and innovation

Corporate values:Altruism is perfect

Business philosophy:The company and the employees work together to achieve win-win development

Work concept:Think for the customer and think for the customer

The concept of competition:no sense of urgency,is the biggest worry

Talent concept:People do their best to make the best use of it

Market concept:Attitude determines the market

Customer philosophy:Exceeding customer expectations and tapping customers'lifetime value

Learning philosophy:align with the benchmark and learn from others

Integrity concept:Integrity is the foundation of life wealth

Leisure culture:Roll up your sleeves and do a big job.Relax your shoulders and laugh

Leisure culture:Occasionally stop,just to pack up the mood,meet more beautiful scenery